Blink-182 close Reading Festival with toilet jokes, flames and hits

Guitarist Tom DeLonge has a go at media reports criticising his jokes

Blink-182 closed the Reading Festival tonight (August 24) with a show filled with pyrotechnics and toilet humour.

The California trio played a similar set to their Leeds performance on Friday (August 22), kicking off the show with ‘Feeling This’ and ‘What’s My Age Again?’.

As they launched into ‘The Rock Show’, guitarist Tom DeLonge screamed: “Blink-182 motherfuckers, this one is for the ladies.”

From there the onstage toilet banter between DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus was relentless. In a reverse statement from their Leeds performance, Hoppus declared early on: “I like Reading Festival. Leeds Festival is fucking bullshit.”

Throughout their set they carried on cracking jokes with DeLonge barking ahead of ‘Wishing Well’: “I’m doing fucking great. I’m playing this guitar so fucking awesome everyone is pregnant now,” before Hoppus interjected: “Yeah everyone in the crowd is pregnant.”

Later in the show De Longe asked the audience: “Are you guys camping out here? Have you not taken a shower for seven days?” When Hoppus informed him that Macklemore had already asked them the same question earlier in the evening, DeLonge said: “You dirty little fuckers” before his sidekick declared that the crowd all had a bladder infection.

DeLonge also told the crowd that drummer Travis Barker, who said nothing throughout the 90-minute set, wanted to “radiate his love in the underwear” of the audience ahead of ‘Easy Target’.

‘Ghost On The Dancefloor’ was up later, after which which the band threw in a snippet of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’. Making reference to press reports on their Leeds performance, DeLonge said: “For the first time in 27 years I told a joke about semen which some magazine reported on and I’m going to do it again so go home and tell your parents you learned something.”

They then launched into ‘All The Small Things’ before departing for the encore. They returned with a flaming ‘FUCK’ sign igniting the back of the stage, wrapping up their performance with ‘Violence’, ‘Dammit’ and ‘Family Reunion’.

Blink-182 played:

‘Feeling This’
‘What’s My Age Again?’
‘The Rock Show’
‘Up All Night’
‘I Miss You’
‘Wishing Well’
‘Happy Holidays, You Bastard’
‘Stay Together For The Kids’
‘First Date’
‘Easy Target’
‘All Of This’
‘Hybrid Moments’
‘Man Overboard’
‘Ghost On The Dancefloor’
‘All The Small Things’
‘Family Reunion’