Blink-182 close first day of Leeds festival with hits, flames, belching and toilet humour

Band played in front of a flaming sign reading 'Fuck'

Blink-182 closed the first day of the Leeds festival with a characteristically foul-mouthed 90-minute set that ended with their flaming ‘FUCK’ sign igniting at the back of the stage.

After an intro tape of very sweary europop, the California trio launched into their set at breakneck pace, opening with 2003’s ‘Feeling This’ and an ecstatically received ‘What’s My Age Again?’, which saw bassist Mark Hoppus change the final line to “I was 21, twice.”

“We are fucking awesome, holy shit, we’re doing a great fucking job,” Tom DeLonge said before ‘Rock Show’, which saw balls of flame erupt across the stage and Tom strutting cockily around the stage, and ‘Up All Night’, which ended with heavy riffs.


DeLonge was in playful mood, pausing to tickle his guitar tech and declaring “he’s very tickly”. Following ‘Down’, Hoppus took the lead for crowd favourite ‘I Miss You’, and Tom introduced ‘Dumpweed’ by claiming “sometimes, when I’m doing it, I like to go back and do some old shit like take random pieces of furniture and stick it in my butt. That’s what this song reminds me of.”

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The banter continued with Mark asking the crowd to shout ‘Blink-182! Blink-182’ at every band on the main stage for the duration of the weekend. Then followed a rousing ‘Wishing Well’, which Tom finished with a large belch, stating “there’s more inside of me trying to get out. The first time Mark penetrated me was a few nights ago onstage. He stuck a finger in my ear, it felt good actually.”

‘Always’ was peppered with references to testicles and oral sex, DeLonge changing lyrics to, “I’m so sick if blow jobs, I hate them, I’m just joking, I love them, suck me off”. The sex talk continued before ‘Stay Together For The Kids’, too. “We figured out on this tour what sex is,” Mark said, “it’s when two people come together to make the man climax. There’s scientists that have studied this.”

Asking their lighting technician to turn the lights off, Blink played ‘Happy Holidays, You Bastard’ entirely in the dark before blasting out ‘First Date’. Hoppus then complimented the crowd: “You guys are awesome. I’m sure Reading will be bullshit compared to you guys.” DeLonge added: “Reading can suck your collective cocks and buttholes.”

The moody ‘All Of This’ from 2003’s self-titled album was followed by a cover of The Misfits’ ‘Hybrid Moments’, and the punk rampage of ‘Man Overboard’ saw fireworks emerge from the back of the stage and DeLonge shouting “Mark Hoppus, show us your dick.”


‘Ghost On The Dancefloor’ ended with a snippet of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’, which led the band to discuss what the song meant. “I always thought she meant semen,” DeLonge mused, to which Hoppus retorted, “You think a woman is singing about her semen bringing all the boys to the yard?” DeLonge replied: “I’m just thinking about semen Mark, tidal waves of semen.”

‘All The Small Things’ was met with a surge to the front and a girl dressed as the nurse from the cover of ‘Enema Of The State’ was hoisted above the crowd. The main set closed with ‘Carousel’. “We’re Blink-182,” Hoppus said as they left the stage. “That’s it, the show’s over, there’s no more songs. Go back to your tents.”

Nonetheless, Blink-182 returned with ‘Violence’, Tom hammering at his pedal board and Travis performing an edgy drum solo before the word ‘FUCK’ lit up in flames across the back of the stage. The show finished with fireworks, ticker tape and steam, which accompanied ‘Dammit’ and ‘Family Reunion’.

Blink-182 played:

‘Feeling This’
‘What’s My Age Again?’
‘The Rock Show’
‘Up All Night’
‘I Miss You’
‘Wishing Well’
‘Stay Together For The Kids’
‘Happy Holidays, You Bastard’
‘First Date’
‘Easy Target’
‘All Of This’
‘Hybrid Moments’
‘Man Overboard’
‘Ghost On The Dancefloor’
‘All The Small Things’
‘Family Reunion’