Have you been pronouncing Blink 182 wrong?

Fight, fight fight!

Blink-182 fans are at war online after realising there’s a distinctive transatlantic divide in the way that the name of the pop punk icons is pronounced.

It all began yesterday when Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel realised the difference in pronunciation and wasted no time in revealing it on Twitter.

“The British call Blink-182 “Blink One Eight Two” and I’m not saying that’s WHY they lost the Revolutionary War, but…”, Karmel wrote.


It immediately sparked a response from one follower, who asked what Karmel instead called the band. “One-eighty two!”, he duly responded.



Now, it’s sparked an all out war of words between Blink-182 fans. It even sparked the intervention of James Corden.

“Don’t start this. I admit we are wrong on this. America calls them Blink One eighty two”, he wrote.


“Which is also wrong. They technically should be called Blink one hundred and eighty two. Don’t take some moral high ground here.”

At this point, lead singer Mark Hoppus had to jump in.

“Thank you James. Some say one eighty two. Some say one eight two”, he wrote.

“But in all of this, I feel like we’ve lost sight of the fact that the B in blink-182 should be lower-case.”

However, the final word came from Tom DeLonge – who left the band in 2015.

“It’s actually— Blink eighteen-two. People have all gotten this wrong for years. Sometimes this can happen with very complex, thoughtful and elevated art”, he wrote.

Meanwhile, Blink 182 recently teamed up with Steve Aoki for  new single ‘Why Are We So Broken?’



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