Blink-182 want you for their new quarantine-themed music video

The pop-punk group have asked for fans' input on the clip for 'Happy Days'

Blink-182 have called upon fans to help them with their upcoming music video for ‘Happy Days’.

The band put the call out on their social media channels, linking to a Google Form offering more details on the project.

“Are you stuck at home?” the page reads. “This is an unprecedented time that’s got everyone wishing for happy days, so we had an idea. Let’s make a music video to show how you’re spending your social distancing time.



“Show us what you’re up to – singing, cooking, excessive hand washing, attempting TikTok dances – we want to see it all!! Submit your video clips and we’ll use our favourites to make a video for ‘Happy Days.’” You can find more details here.

‘Happy Days’ features on the band’s latest album ‘Nine’, which was released in September 2019. In a four-star review, NME said: “A spiritual follow up to 2003’s ‘Untitled’, ‘Nine’ sees the trio as confident adventurers. Dealing with the ideas of despair, loneliness and longing, the record doesn’t shy away from the shadows but you’re never far from a dash of hope.”

Earlier this month, bassist Mark Hoppus discussed his family’s decision to self-isolate. “This whole thing is scary and unknown,” he said. “The three of us are thankfully healthy and strong but we have family members who are older and have compromised immune systems.


“We have dear friends with compromised immune systems. There are people we’ve never met who would not be able to fight the virus, so we are doing our part to slow the spread.”

Meanwhile, a YouTuber has reworked one of The Killers’ biggest songs in the style of Blink-182. User SugarpillCovers shared a new take on the track, which saw the track re-done as a pop-punk song with Brandon Flowers’ normal vocals over the top.