Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge is making his own sci-fi TV series

""My love for all things paranormal and skateboarding are sometimes only superseded by my love for offensive humor."

Former Blink 182 guitarist Tom DeLonge has confirmed that he’s making a TV series based on his sci-fi graphic novel Strange Times.

The show is in development at US network TBS and will follow “five dirty teenage skateboarders who solve paranormal mysteries while being chased by Deep State government agents.”

DeLonge, who is a renowned UFO researcher, will act as an executive producer on the project while Aaron Karo is on scriptwriting duties.


Describing the show, DeLonge said: “My love for all things paranormal and skateboarding are sometimes only superseded by my love for offensive humor.This series combines them all into one.”

He told Variety: “The gang of characters in the story is based on the tribe of degenerate skateboarders that I grew up with — right around the same time I started my band Blink-182. The story is also set in that same town. Charlie, the main character, is a bit of myself. A boy searching for answers, trying to find a way out of suburbia, but laughing with his ridiculous, irreverent friends along the way.”

DeLonge, who left Blink-182 in 2015, is known to be an ardent believe in UFOs. In 2017, he was announced as UFO researcher of the year and set up his own company to fund research into the subject.

Although it was reported earlier this year that the company faced huge debts, DeLonge later denied the claim.

“The approximate $37 million stockholders’ deficit is not debt as [the writer] characterized it but is attributable to stock-based compensation expense,” DeLonge said.


“It is not related to the operational results of the company.”



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