Blink-182’s Travis Barker sent Tom DeLonge a nude for Christmas

"It actually made me laugh somthin' fierce"

Travis Barker send a picture of a naked man to his former Blink-182 bandmate for Christmas.

According to Tom DeLonge, the drummer’s festive gesture made him “laugh somthin’ fierce”. The ex-Blink guitarist shared the story in an Instagram post yesterday (January 3) alongside a picture of himself and Barker.

The news suggests that the pair are maintaining their friendship post-Blink-182. Barker remains in the band with bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus and vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba.

In October, DeLonge and Barker got fans very excited about a possible full Blink reunion in a series of social media posts. But TMZ later reported that sources close the band clarified that the pair were trolling each other, using lines from their 2004 single, ‘I Miss You’.

The former bandmates appear to still be in communication, having worked together on an interview for a project that Barker was putting together in 2017. In an Instagram post DeLonge wrote: “And yes Blinkies, we also talked a bit about other stuff. 🙂 #TravisAndTomHoldingHands

Elsewhere, Blink-182 fans were caught up in a debate recently over the perceived correct pronunciation of the band’s name.

Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel posted on Twitter in November that there are disparities among British and American fans.

His comments eventually led to DeLonge, Hoppus and even James Corden weighing in on the argument.