Blink-182’s Travis Barker shares video update as he recovers from blood clot

The band were forced to cancel gigs after doctors warned the drummer not to perform

Blink-182‘s Travis Barker has shared a video update on his health as he recovers from blood clots.

The punk band were forced to postpone a number of their shows in their Las Vegas residency after doctors ordered him to “refrain from any activity that may cause further damage or cause the clots to travel.”

Now Barker has shared a video that details his journey from discovering the issue to getting back to normality. In it, he is seen visiting the doctor’s office where he’s given the good news that the blood clots in his arms won’t move into his lungs. However, the doctor says drumming will still cause inflammation in his arm.


The drummer shared a message with the video, which read: “It’s been the longest 4 weeks without playing drums. I played through two shows in Vegas with infection and blood clots before I was able to get a clear diagnosis from a doctor. Here’s an update on my road to recovery.” Watch it above.

The band had previously told fans that Barker had been told to not play until the beginning of July when medical staff would re-evaluate his condition.

Meanwhile, footage from the first show Barker played with Blink-182 recently surfaced online. Posted to Facebook by a fan, the group can be seen playing the track ‘Josie’ in the video, which is dated June 15, 1998.

Currently, Blink-182 are scheduled to perform at Las Vegas’ Pearl Theater from October 26 to November17.