Blink-182’s upcoming eighth album now has a release date

Mark Hoppus shared the news during a performance on 'Good Morning America'

Blink-182‘s upcoming eighth studio album finally has a release date.

Mark Hoppus shared the news yesterday morning (July 19) when he and the rest of the guys visited ABC’s Good Morning America. The band stopped by the popular breakfast show to play some songs, but what began as just another Blink performance turned into an album announcement.

“New music – September 20 is the release date of the album,” Hoppus revealed.


While there is no news on the official title of the album, the band previously told Zane Lowe that it is tentatively titled ‘Bojmir’ – ‘rimjob’ spelled backwards.

“But we’re trying to make it fancy,” said Hoppus. “It’s rimjob spelled backwards but it’s pronounced ‘boh-mir’ – the ‘j’ is silent in this iteration.

“‘Can I have a glass of that 94 bojmir, please?’” continued Hoppus, who went on to imagine how the joke name could fit into a classier context.

See the album announcement below:

Giving fans a taste of things to come, Blink-182 have released three new singles this year: ‘Blame It On My Youth’, ‘Generational Divide’ and ‘Happy Days’.


Meanwhile, Travis Barker revealed that Blink-182 will release an EP later this year after the release of their forthcoming eighth album.

The musician, who plays drums in the long-running trio, shared the news while discussing an unheard track that the band have recorded with Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell Williams.

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