Blink-182 are working on the follow-up to a fan favourite track

Travis Barker has shared footage of ‘Anthem Pt.3’

It looks like Blink-182 are working on a follow-up to fan favourite tracks ‘Anthem’ and ‘Anthem Pt. 2’.

‘Anthem’ was originally released in 1999 as part of Blink-182’s breakout album ‘Enema Of The State’ while ‘Anthem Pt. 2’ appeared on 2001’s ‘Take Off Your Pants And Jacket’. A live version of ‘Anthem Pt. 2’ also featured on Blink-182’s ‘Untitled’ album and saw Tom DeLonge dedicate the track to “a kid in my class that got a boner in P.E. in High School.”

Now, it appears that the reunited classic lineup of Blink-182 – DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker – are working on an ‘Anthem Pt. 3’.


Sharing footage from a studio, Barker can be seen furiously hitting a drum kit while wearing a t-shirt that reads “Fuck me, I’m tired”. He simply captioned the clip “Anthem Pt.3” while the official Blink-182 Instagram account commented with the eyes emoji.

Back in October, DeLonge confirmed he would be returning to Blink-182 after leaving the group for a second time in 2015. The classic lineup of Blink-182 have since released comeback single ‘Edging’, announced a world tour and confirmed work on a new album.

DeLonge has said Blink-182’s upcoming record “has some of the most progressive, and elevated music we‘ve ever had. In honesty, I am holding my breath for you to hear these other songs. Edging is fun, and a perfect way to remind you of the fun again. But just you fucking wait.”

He has also said that the band have made “the best album of our career”. Currently, the upcoming Blink-182 record doesn’t have a title or a release date, though their world tour begins March 11, 2023.


Following DeLonge’s return to the band, he shared an open letter to former guitarist Matt Skiba thanking him “for all that you have done to keep the band thriving in my absence.”

Skiba has since replied, saying, “I am truly happy you guys are a band and a family again” before revealing he’d written “almost a whole album” of new material with Blink-182 before exiting the group.

Blink-182’s world tour kicks off next March in Latin America and conclude in February 2024 with a run of dates across Australia and New Zealand. For the UK leg, Blink-182 will visit Glasgow, London, Birmingham and Manchester in September and October 2023 – check out the full list of dates here. Tickets for UK and European dates are available here, and here for North American shows.

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