Bloc Party: ‘Our album must be good, we don’t hate it’

Kele Okereke says he surprised even himself with 'Intimacy'

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke believes his band did something “right” on third album ‘Intimacy’ because he doesn’t hate it yet.

The singer admitted that while he goes through a phase of “hating” his own music by the time the band hit the road after releasing an album, this hasn’t been the case this time around.

“With our previous releases, with ‘Silent Alarm’ and ‘A Weekend In The City’, by this point into the campaign I’d already started to hate the music,” Okereke told BBC Newsbeat. “Whereas this time round I don’t hate the music – we did something right.”

Okereke added that being in a band had changed his perception of music, explaining that he no longer listened to it like he used to.

“I don’t listen to albums much any more – I don’t sit down and listen to records as much as I used to,” he said.

“It’s patience – it just wears thin. I just have no patience. The way that I listen to music now, because of what we do, it’s very critical – I listen to something obsessively for like a week and then I never listen to it ever again.

“That’s why singles are good because there’s no context, it’s just a song.”