Bloc Party’s bassist quits – for a bit

Gordon Moakes takes time off to become a dad

Bloc Party‘s Gordon Moakes has quit the band – but only temporarily.

The bassist will take a break from touring as he is on paternity leave from the band.

“Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to join the boys during the next month or so of touring,” he explained. “The reason for this is that my wife is expecting our first baby in a few weeks and after some long hard thinking we all decided, band included, that it was a bit silly for me to be flying round the world at such a critical time in the pregnancy.

“No one wants me to wind up in the wrong continent should there be any complications or should the little one decide to put in an early appearance. So while the other chaps are jetting around the Pacific Rim I will be buying the groceries, attending ante-natal classes and generally preparing myself for the cloud of unknown that is becoming a dad.”

The band’s friend, Daniel Lindegren, aka Tommy Sparks, will fill in on bass for the band.

“For the next few weeks Daniel will be doing his best to cover my portfolio of bass, keys, buttons, knobs and things that go ‘clonk’,” said Moakes.

“He is more than proficient at many of these things so I can’t see it marring anyone’s enjoyment of the Bloc Party experience while I’m away. All being well, I will return to reclaim my mantle around the end of August, possibly bringing with me some profound wisdom as a new father, if not a complete lack of sleep.”

The band’s first show with Daniel Lindegren will be the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan at the end of July, which will see him make his debut in front of 20,000 fans.