Bloc Party release third album today (August 21)

'Intimacy' is available as a download now

Bloc Party will release their new album today (August 21) – just days (August 18) after the band’s announced the shock release during a webchat with fans.

Titled ‘Intimacy’, the band’s third album and follow-up to 2007’s ‘A Weekend In The City’ is available from now.

Fans can choose whether to pay either £5 for a high-quality mp3 bundle today, £8 for a CD (to be delivered on October 27), or £10 for a combined order of both CD and mp3 bundle.

‘Intimacy’ was recorded in two separate sessions, as the band chose to work with both Paul Epworth and Jacknife Lee on the record.

The CD release of ‘Intimacy’ will include additional tracks unavailable on the mp3 bundle release.

The tracklisting for ‘Intimacy’ will be:





‘Trojan Horse’


‘One Month Off’


‘Better Than Heaven’

‘Ion Square’

You can hear Bloc Party’s ‘Trojan Horse’ on the NME Office Blog now.

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