Bloc Party irritate fans with ‘countdown’

Internet timer simply leads to radio plug

Bloc Party have angered fans by posting a cryptic countdown on their website,, which simply revealed a plug for a radio show when the time reached zero at 11am (BST) today.

Fans have e-mailed NME.COM to voice their displeasure at the stunt. It was speculated that Bloc Party may give away new music when the countdown reached zero.

Instead, at 11am the countdown disappeared to reveal a radio plug for Zane Lowe‘s show on BBC Radio 1, set to air tonight (July 7) at 7:30pm.

“It’s a bit pointless,” wrote NME.COM user ‘Jackie’. “They could have just put up the info about the show on their website and not got our hopes up about the possibility of hearing new music straightaway.”

There is no information yet on Zane Lowe’s BBC homepage as to what will feature on tonight’s show, but many fans who contacted NME.COM are still expecting new material.