Bloc Party consider dropping CD singles

Band say 'Talons' may be their last physical single release

Bloc Party‘s Gordon Moakes has said that the band are considering never releasing singles on CD format again after their current effort, ‘Talons’.

The bassist told BBC 6Music that the move was being considered because the band were unconcerned with gaining chart positions.

“We’re talking now about not doing anymore physical formats for singles, meaning we won’t have anymore eligible singles after ‘Talons’,” Moakes said, despite the 2007 chart rule change that allows downloads to count towards the main chart.

He added: “I think the days are gone where you can really make a splash in the charts, being a band like us.

“Music was never a competition. One decision might be to not get involved in that and put out non-eligible things on purpose.”

Moakes said that the band are still likely to release future albums in more traditional formats.

“We have a young fanbase, so I don’t know how doing it the way we did will affect us,” he said, “but it’s still an event to put out a record.

We’re still vinyl fans. With the last record we put out a picture disc. All this extra stuff that’s dying out, we’re still into as a band.”

Bloc Party released their latest album, ‘Intimacy’, as a download in August. It was released on physical formats yesterday (October 27). ‘Talons’ came out on October 20.