Bloc Party play ‘surreal’ gig inside Berlin airport

Band perform right next to the runway

Bloc Party played a one-off gig inside Berlin‘s historic Tempelhof International Airport last night (23 October).

Taking to the stage in Tempelhof‘s dining lounge shortly after 10pm, Bloc Party played an hour-long set a in full view of the airport’s runway.

The band, who release new album ‘Intimacy’ physically next Monday (October 27), were in jubilant mood throughout the gig. During ‘Mercury’, singer Kele Okereke burst through security staff into the crowd to sing.

Despite being mobbed by fans, Okereke managed to make his way to the sound desk, which he proceeded to stand upon until the end of the song.

Drummer Matt Tong also used the gig to practise his German. Tong, who lives in Berlin, jokingly ordered a latte from the stage before admitting that he hadn’t had time to learn the language properly.

Shortly after the gig, Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes told NME.COM that the band were impressed by the gig venue, saying it was “surreal” to play in such a strange setting.

“It was quite exciting when we first walked in and saw the runway right next to us,” he said. “Weirdly, it actually reminds me of the Academy 3 in Birmingham a bit! In terms of the stage size, anyway. But the building itself is a lot better than that. It reeks of old Germany.”

Despite the success of the gig, it is almost certain that the event will be a one-off, as Tempelhof is set to close for good next week (October 30), and will be replaced by the new Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport.

Bloc Party played:

‘One Month Off’

‘Hunting For Witches’

‘Positive Tension’

‘Blue Light’


‘Song For Clay (Disappear Here)’



‘Better Than Heaven’


‘This Modern Love’

‘The Prayer’




As NME.COM previously reported, a download-only version of ‘Intimacy’ was released onto on August 21, while physical copies of the album feature several unreleased bonus tracks including new single ‘Talons’.

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