Bloc Party: ‘If things hadn’t changed we wouldn’t be making any more music’

Kele Okereke opens up about the departures of Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong from line-up

Kele Okereke of Bloc Party has admitted that he was ready to move on to new things if the band did not change.

Drummer Matt Tong and bass player Gordon Moakes have both left Bloc Party in the last two years, with Okereke and guitarist Russell Lissack working on a new album with hired hands and session musicians. Tong is now playing live with No Devotion and Algiers, while Moakes quit to focus on his band Young Legionnaire.

Speaking to, Okereke hinted at the tensions that resulted in the line-up change. “At the start of 2013, when we were touring ‘Four’, I had kinda had enough of this vibe,” he said. “I felt like if things didn’t change it was the point for me to step away and do something else with my life. But things did change, I feel better for it.”

NMEAndy Willsher/NME

“On some level I’d missed the band but I knew we were coming back together again, that’s what Russell and I wanted,” he added. “It wasn’t a case of not knowing what was going to happen. I knew at the end of us touring ‘Four’ that I wanted to make another [Bloc Party] record, with Russell. It felt like finally this big weight had been lifted from us as a band, we needed to make a record.”

Okereke added that he is not focused on the future with the band, including new music and live shows. “Obviously everyone is aware of the line-up situation, this stuff is just coming to light now but we dealt with this two years ago. We had our fights and our conversations two years ago. It was a mutual decision, to be honest. I knew two years ago this is where I wanted to be, I wanted to be making a record with Russell. I’m looking forward to the idea of touring.”

Bloc Party have a number of festival dates in their schedule for 2015, including an appearance at FYF Fest in America at the end of August and Falls Festival in Australia in December