Bloc Party speak about album internet leaking

Kele Okereke admits band were worried

Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke has spoken about their second album ’A Weekend In The City’ leaking on the internet three months ahead of its release date.

A low quality rip of the entire album leaked onto the internet in November 2006, while a high quality version of the album leaked in January of this year.

Speaking about the leak, frontman Kele Okereke said: “We were worried how that would affect things, but it’s number one in the midweek charts.

“One benefit of the album leaking on to the net is that a lot of people have already heard some of the tracks, so they react in the right places and the shows have been amazing so far.”

Okereke said despite the growth the band have experienced between albums he is still fond of their debut ’Silent Alarm’.

He said: “I am proud. You always cringe at your earlier efforts. I will probably do the same with our latest album. But I know both are good records.”

Okereke also explained the lyrics in album opener ’Song From Clay (Disappear Here)’. He told Something For The Weekend: “I wanted to write about this detached socialite character, who goes to all the right parties and who knows all the right people but feels unfulfilled.

“There’s nothing more depressing than someone who has been out too long and can’t function or think. It can be quite dehumanising.”