Bloc Party star calls ecstasy ‘orgasmic’

But Kele Okereke's not that keen on taking coke

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has admitted he finds the process of taking ecstasy “orgasmic” and “sensual”.

And while the frontman also admits cocaine can be “very attractive”, there are practical reasons for him not indulging very often.

Bloc Party’s current album ‘A Weekend In The City’ has references to drug-taking, but Okereke told NME‘s sister magazine Uncut this month the lyrics are making a more general point about excessive consumption not necessarily leading to happiness.

He said: “Cocaine can be very attractive, very seductive. But for me, it’s bad news because that drug can really damage your voice. The drug I do enjoy taking is ecstasy, which gives a real sense of euphoria. It makes your senses so much more acute. It makes music sound so powerful. And it makes touch incredibly sensual. You know, every touch is orgasmic.

“These days I don’t even bother with pills that often. To be honest, I haven’t taken anything for a whole year.”

Okereke also took the opportunity to hit back at Liam Gallagher‘s now infamous remark that Bloc Party looked like ‘University Challenge’ students.

He said: “Well, It’s quite funny. It probably would have been a lot more funny had he not used exactly the same words to describe Travis a couple of years ago.

“Having said that, it’s probably a very sad indication of the state of his mind. Why is it bad to better yourself? It’s all about the weird way in which this country chooses to view the working classes.

“It is really daft to reinforce the idea that there is something cool about being dumb. The idea that your ambitions shouldn’t extend beyond getting pissed and watching the football really irks me.”

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