Bloc Party’s Kele hints at new members for upcoming album: ‘We’re a band’

Okereke also says they're 'beavering away' at 'most abrasive and gentle' LP

Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke has spoken about plans for the group’s next album, confirming that they’ve recruited new members following the departures of bassist Gordon Moakes and drummer Matt Tong.

The band are working on their fifth record, with Okereke and guitarist Russell Lissack the two remaining founding members of the outfit.

However, speaking to Australia’s Triple J, Okereke confirmed that “we are a band”.


He said: “I do know what the make-up of the band is going to be but I don’t think I’m allowed to talk about it just yet because I think things are still being finalised. We are a band. We’re better than we ever have been so I’m excited to showcase that.”

Discussing the upcoming LP, Okereke described it as being “most gentle music we’ve ever made and most abrasive” the group has made.

The singer added: “It’s sounding awesome, if I do say so myself, but right now we’re kind of in the middle of it… beavering away at it.” He also stated that the group have worked with a choir during the recording sessions.

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Bloc Party released their most recent record ‘Four’ in 2012, before embarking on a hiatus the following year.