Bloc Party reveal new sound

There are some surprises…

Bloc Party are close to finishing the recording of their second album.

In a letter to fans, the group have revealed that it features R’n’B beats, strings and double drum kits.

Posting on their official fan space, bassist Gordon Moakes said: “Bloc Party have finished a month at Grouse Lodge in County Westmeath in Ireland laying down licks and chops for the next record. It rained a lot but it was a truly enjoyable experience.”

Moakes revealed that the band and producer Jacknife Lee have explored new sounds and styles in the recording of the album.

He added: “We’ve all been banging and hitting things, detuning guitars, programming beats and making various kinds of racket. I guess we had big ideas for this album and Jacknife has given them the green light and urged us to go further.

“I shan’t reveal too much just yet, but expect a song where Matt and I play drums simultaneously; some truly R&B-styled beats; Russell‘s work with a Big Muff pedal; the sound of a guitar amp being thrown off a first-storey balcony; at least one unplayable guitar solo; both eggshell-thin fragility and trouser-flapping hugeness; piano, glockenspiel, strings; you name it.”

The band have also filmed much of the recording process with a view to future inclusion on their fan space.

Bloc Party are to finish the album at a London studio. It’s expected to be released in early 2007.