The band reveal their ultimate ambition...

Bloc Party have said their ultimate ambition is to be declared GODLIKE GENIUSES at a future NME AWARDS ceremony.

The band are currently on the road, playing their biggest ever headline dates across the UK.

Speaking recently in London about their rapid rise to fame, singer Kele Okereke said one remaining ambition would be to be declared Godlike Genius at the NME Awards next year.

The award is the highest accolade NME offers, and has been won by the likes of John Peel, U2 and New Order.

Okereke told XFM: “Every week something amazing has happened. There’s been so many things that have been so good. Our time in the public eye has gone relatively quickly, but we’ve spent five years touring on buses, with no one paying any interest in what we were doing, so it feels nice that we’re got our revenge on the world.

“How could things get any better? We could be declared ‘Godlike Genius’ at the next NME Awards or something like that, that would be the pinnacle. Or maybe name an award after me… ‘The Bloc Party Award for Innovation’.”