Bloc Party reveal new album plans

‘Silent Alarm’ follow up set to be ‘more focused’

Bloc Party are set to return to the studio this month and begin working on the follow up to ‘Silent Alarm’.

Kele Okereke told NME.COM that he is keen to get into the studio and start putting down the tracks for the follow-up to their debut.

He mentioned that the new album with be more considered than their debut.

He said: “With ‘Silent Alarm’ I wanted to talk about how it felt being a 20-year-old in the western world. I think a lot of kids, me especially, just kind of felt in their 20s that they had all this passion, and it was very hard to find a focus. And that’s what I want ‘Silent Alarm’ to represent.

“I don’t want things to be as brash as they were. Slightly more considered: that’s where the next record’s going. But that’s not to say we’re going to turn all MOR!”

He added: “There are some great songs on ‘Silent Alarm’ that I’m really proud of, and with the next record we’re looking to explore those ideas more fully. I think ‘Silent Alarm’’s a great album but I know now from the things that we’ve seen and heard throughout this year that we have it in us to make better records.”

Tracks likely to be included on the new album include ‘Into The Blue’, ‘Kids’ and ‘The Present’.