The band hope to release album early next year…

Bloc Party singer KELE OKEREKE has revealed all about the band’s forthcoming second album.

Despite their debut ‘Silent Alarm’ coming out less than six months ago, the band hope to get its follow-up out early in 2006.

Okereke said: “We recorded two songs about a week ago, and we’re not sure which is going to be a single now, but it’s either going to be a song called ‘Hero’ or a song called ‘Two More Years’. We’ve written about 20 songs, and we’ll have more by the end of the year, and we’re going to start next year off by recording a new album. We really can’t wait.”

Bloc Party have also been road-testing new tunes ‘Kids’, ‘Into The Blue’ and ‘The Present’, and have already started demoing songs with producer Paul Epworth.

He continued: “It’s just that we tend to work very quickly and get bored very quickly, so it’s in our best interest to get things done as soon as possible. As of right now a lot of it is unfinished, but it sounds more sophisticated. I think we’re all a lot more knowing when it comes to recording now. And I think a lot of these new songs have been written with the idea of recording in mind.”