Bloc Party release new song ‘Stunt Queen’, announce huge 2017 show

The first song written and played by the new line-up

Bloc Party have released a new song called ‘Stunt Queen’, the first song to be both written and performed by original members Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack as well as newer members Justin Harris and Louise Bartle.

‘Stunt Queen’ is the band’s their first new material since the release of their fifth album ‘HYMNS’ at the start of 2016.

Speaking in a statement, Kele Okereke said: “Stunt Queen has its genesis in an idea that dates back to the Australian tour we did at the start of 2016.” You can listen to ‘Stunt Queen’ below.

He continued, “It was an idea that we worked on at sound checks and was one of the first ideas to come along after Justin and Louise joined the band. Playing the Hollywood Bowl feels like a significant milestone for the band and we wanted to mark it with a new release,” he said.

“We’re excited to be playing our biggest ever headline gig in the US and releasing new material in the same week.” The band play The Hollywood Bowl on September 25.

Bloc Party have also announced a huge show for 2017, playing London’s Roundhouse on February 10.

When asked about the led to the departure of bass player Gordon Moakes and drummer Matt Tong in 2013, Kele Okereke said it was not one major incident but rather a collection of smaller things.

“I can tell you it was about someone doing cocaine and someone not being into it. That’s all I’m gonna say,” he said. “People think bands breaking up is sexy but often it’s super mundane, like not flushing the toilet or washing up. It’s often not about the flashpoints but deep-seated issues.”