Bloc Party debut seven new songs at Glasgow comeback show – video

Kele Okereke and co revealed the first taste of new album 'Four' last night (June 19)

Bloc Party played their first comeback show in Glasgow last night (June 19), where they showcased a swathe of new material from their forthcoming album ‘Four’.

Although the band played a rehearsal show at London’s HMV Forum on Monday (June 18) in front of friends and family, last night was their first “proper” UK show for over three years and featured a set with seven new songs, as well as a host of old favourites.

“It’s been a long time, this has been the most beautiful day I’ve ever experienced in Glasgow,” said lead singer Kele Okereke, shortly after the band opened their set with two new songs, titled ‘3×3’ and ‘So He Begins To Lie’.


While the crowd were enthusiastic in their response to the new tracks, they reserved their energy for the older tracks such as ‘Hunted For Witches’ and, in particular, ‘Helicopter’ – which started a circle pit at the front of the crowd.

Of the new songs played tonight, ‘Team A’ – which Kele quickly pointed out is definitely “not called ‘The A Team'” – got a huge reaction from the fans, as did ‘Truth’. You can watch a video of the band performing both ‘3×3’ and ‘Team A’ at the show by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.

Despite long-standing rumours of band friction, Okereke and guitarist Russell Lissack even jovially pushed each other about during ‘One More Chance’.

“This has been the best possible start,” said Okereke after ‘Like Eating Glass’. The band ended their set with ‘Flux’, before joining together to take a bow and salute the crowd.

Bloc Party played:

‘So He Begins To Lie’
‘Hunting For Witches’
‘Real Talk’
‘Song For Clay (Disappear Here)’
‘Day Four’
‘Team A’
‘One More Chance’
‘This Modern Love’
‘Like Eating Glass’


‘Team A’