Bloc Party split controversy – the full audio

Listen to Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack's claims of a break in ranks

Bloc Party and Kele Okereke confirm their plans to continue separately, in phone conversations you can hear below.

NME has been accused of sensationalising, or even fabricating, details of the band’s apparent split after Kele revealed he had discovered the band’s plans to continue without him.

Faced with the singer’s allegations, we contacted the band to clarify the situation, and guitarist Russell Lissack confirmed that while Kele is busy with his solo career, the remaining members would be auditioning new singers to allow them to continue playing together. But it appears that Bloc Party are now backtracking on the admission.

Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe even contacted the band’s management, who denied the developments. Lowe then took to Twitter to claim:

Bloc Party thing is nonsense. Management confirm it. Solid… solid as a rrrrock.

Management also officially deny there is anything going on, and the band are distancing themselves from the claims. It is now being suggested that the four members have been in cahoots to whip up publicity for the band and ‘get one over’ on the media.

But with fans confused and concerned, here we publish all the conversations in full to set the record straight.

Here is Kele opening up about spotting his bandmates going into a New York rehearsal space without him. The claim comes four minutes into the Soundcloud file.

Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke talks to NME by nmemagazine

And here is Russell unambiguously confirming that the remaining members are planning to audition new singers.

Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack talks to NME by nmemagazine

Do you see a future for the band without Kele? Or are Bloc Party trying to whip up publicity at the expense of their fans? As ever, leave your thoughts below.