Blonde Redhead discuss new album

It's their first self-produced effort

Blonde Redhead have put the finishing touches on their forthcoming album, ’23’, which is due out on April 10 via 4AD.

The follow-up to 2003’s ‘Misery Is A Butterfly’ is the first album the band produced themselves.

“We’ve always been quite hands-on,” lead singer Kazu Makino told NME.COM. “Producing it ourselves felt sort of insular, but it was a very good experience. It was such a struggle but it came out well in the end.”

“It was definitely a struggle,” added drummer Simone Pace. “We went through three mastering sessions and it was hell.”

“It was a lot of work, but it allowed us to explore our own ideas as we wanted to,” chimed in guitarist/co-vocalist Amedeo Pace (Simone‘s twin brother).

The album features Blonde Redhead‘s traditional mix of ethereal-sounding vocals and great washes of guitars, as well as more unusual instruments such as French horns.

The band confessed that they nearly changed the name of their album when they discovered that a recent film , ‘The Number 23’ (a thriller starring Jim Carrey), shared the same numeral in its title. In the end they decided to keep it because it has special significance.

“On our flight from New York to Italy (before recording the album), my seat was number 23. I live in apartment 23. And I used to live on 23rd Street,” Makino explained.

“And she used to be 23!” joked Simone.

All in all, the band say they are very satisfied with their first self-produced effort.

“It sounds really free and open,” said Makino. “My voice sits in the music really well. I had never found the right balance before. I’m quite surprised at how well it came out.”

“I think we’re showing a different part of ourselves now,” added Simone.

As previously reported, the New York trio will play several live shows throughout the US in April and May supporting the new album.

“I’m hoping the live show will be just like the record, but crazy loud so people can physically experience it,” Makino said.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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