Blondie’s Debbie Harry: ‘I wish we had as many hits as Beyonce’

But the band's frontwoman admits to being happy as a 'cult' figure instead

Debbie Harry of Blondie has said that she wishes that her band had as many chart hits as Beyonce.

Harry revealed that she would “adore” being the kind of high octane entertainer and performer that Beyonce is, but is happy to be a “cult” figure instead. The 66-year-old music mainstay said:

I always felt I was more comfortable being a cult [figure], but the temptation to be such a great entertainer and performer like Beyonce [is] so fantastic. I would adore doing some of that stuff. Her track record with songs is phenomenal; I wish we had as many hits. We’ve always walked a sort of delicate line, between pop fodder and having an underground identity.

In an interview with Billboard, Harry also discussed her and Blondie’s longevity, attributing her 40-year career to the fact that “I don’t like walking down memory lane that much”. She added:

There have been studies that say the more you’re acting like who you are, the more forward-thinking you are, thinking and learning, and being creative, the better off you are. And fortunately, I’m in that good position.

‘Panic Of Girls’, Blondie’s ninth studio album, was released earlier this year.