Blondie’s Debbie Harry attributes her ‘bisexual days’ to hormones

Punk frontwoman previously described women as 'more sensual'

Blondie‘s Debbie Harry has opened up about her sexuality, attributing her “bisexual days” to her being “a little more hormonal”.

Harry confirmed her past relationships with women in 2014, telling the Daily Mail that women were “more sensual”.

Speaking in a new interview, however, Harry has now said: “My bisexual days have gone by actually. I have great affection for some of my female friends but I think maybe when I was younger it might have been a little more hormonal and our hormones change.”


As Pink News reports, Harry went on to say that younger people today are “exploring all the options and perhaps that’s what I was doing. It just seems that now we can deal with it a little bit better, for some reason.”

Blondie frontwoman Debbie HarryGetty Images

Meanwhile, Harry has spoken in praise of Muse – claiming that she wishes that they had written at least one of their songs. Watch our video interview with the band below.

The pop icons were speaking to NME as part of the ‘Soundtrack Of My Life’ series, when we asked Harry and guitarist Chris Stein which song by another artist they wished they’d written.

“Something from Muse I guess,” Harry told NME. “They have a marvellous sound that’s so distinctive, and beautiful songs.”