Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes shares scrapped film score – listen

The musician unveils 45 minutes of previously unreleased music

Blood Orange‘s Dev Hynes has shared 45 minutes of unreleased music, originally intended for a film score that he had been working on before being fired from the project.

In the YouTube description, Hynes wrote, “I spent the last few months working on a film score, then I got fired. No hard feelings. Here’s some of the music. Listen and zone out if you want to.”

All of the music has been written, performed and produced by Hynes, using cello, piano, synthesizers, percussion, drum machines, flute, bass, guitar, EWI, Yamaha wx7, Juno 160, DX7 and Marantz PMD 720 4-track. Listen below.

Hynes previously scored the music for James Franco’s movie Palo Alto. His second album under his Blood Orange guise, ‘Cupid Deluxe’ was released in 2013. Read NME’s review here.