Blood Red Shoes start work on debut album

Band recording with Arctic Monkeys producer in Wales

Blood Red Shoes have started recording their debut album with Arctic Monkeys producer Mike Crossey in Wales.

Only one week into recording so far, the band are already confident the album is going to be a cracker.

“It’s the closest we’ve ever come to getting our live sound onto tape,” the duo said in a statement sent from the studio. “It sounds MEAN, and HEAVY, and AGGRESSIVE. And CATCHY.”

The band – drummer Steven Ansell and guitarist Laura-Mary Carter – explained that they will break from the studio at weekends to play summer festivals. “We like to keep ourselves busy,” said the pair. “Metallica would probably freak out at that kind of schedule and call in a therapist. Not us. We’re here to kill it. And we shall.”

The album is expected to be released in early 2008.