The 'Hoorah For Boobies' lads forced to change promo after complaints from gay rights campaigners...

MTV have forced THE BLOODHOUND GANG to edit scenes from the video to their new single ‘THE BAD TOUCH’ after gay rights campaigners in America complained it contained homophobic imagery.

The video shows the band, dressed as monkeys walking around Paris. On spotting two men dressed as sailors with their arms locked, they approach the pair and attack them. GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) claimed that this scene was homophobic and should be cut.

A spokesman for GLAAD told US reporters: “I don’t believe the band is homophobic…I think the image out there was dangerous. I know it’s satire – I mean come on, the band are dressed as monkeys – but a gay bashing scene in any context in today’s climate is not acceptable.”


Following the complaint, MTV released a statement which said: “After reviewing the video again internally, there were some images we didn’t feel comfortable with and asked the record label (Geffen) to make some edits. The record company edited the video, and it is currently in regular rotation on MTV.”

A UK spokesperson for the band was not willing to comment on the video, or any of its contents.

The Bloodhound Gang have just completed a tour of the UK to promote their new single ‘The Bad Touch’ which is set for a UK release on March 27.

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