A series of bizarre rants are left on the site...

Bloodhound Gang‘s official website was the target of a hacker this afternoon (June 29).

The hacker, calling themself Juxtu and leaving the email address, wrote: “At first let me explain the reason for hacking this server. I wanted to shor (sic) the administrator of this server that it has a bug (I won’t say what bug) :)”

The hacker then claimed they had a chance to delete the whole page, but they didn’t “…because I’m kind and deep in my heart I love Bloodhound Gang.” They then launched into a bizarre rant in against the administrator of the band’s site: “Anyway there is no place for them in internet and that’s why I hacked this page! these guys think that they are great because they have their website in internet! fuck them! they are idiots, because they couldn’t manage to hire a better administrator. the administrator of this server is …xxxxxxx…anyway, I have nothing to say about the website itself!”


And then the apparently confused hacker added, slipping into pigeon English: “I think it is great and it is well done. tell a compliment to its webmaster.”

They added several enigmatic PS messages including: “me am jgufis deda movtkan!” and “hm…..staring: torik, inagoli, xxxxxxxxxxxx, and meeeeeeee! hahaha me ar mesmis, ra unda aset itiotur jgufs am exovrebashi????”

They also changed the title of the web page from “Bloodhound Gang” to “hacked — OOOOops, I did it again.”

Bloodhound Gang have also been the victim of scheduling problems this week and have been forced to put back the release date of their next single ‘The Ballad Of Chasey Lain’.

The band, who play the London Astoria on July 24, had hoped to release the single last month, but it’s now been put back to the end of August. Originally, it was thought that the success of ‘The Bad Touch’ was the reason behind the delay, as it had remained for more than two months in the UK singles charts. However, a spokesperson for the band told that the real reason was because they had received the Pet Shop Boys mix of the single late.

The single will now be released to coincide with their appearance at V2000 on August 19 and 20 at Chelmsford and Weston Park, Staffordshire.


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