GEYSERS! was on hand to see the crowd go mad for the Bloodhound Gang...

The first ever REYKJAVIK MUSIC FESTIVAL in ICELAND came to a climactic end last night (Sunday June 11) when the appearance by headlining act THE BLOODHOUND GANG was delayed after a crowd surge threatened to turn ugly.

The band were due to take to the main stage in the city’s Laugardalsholl to wrap up the two-day event just after 10.30pm, but postponed their start by more than half-an-hour while security tried to calm the thousands of fans and prevent anyone being seriously crushed.

Hundreds of teenagers right at the front were doused with water while venue security urged the rest of the audience to move backwards at what has been unofficially declared the biggest gig ever in the country.


The Bloodhound Gang were eventually allowed to take to the stage just after 11pm to a rapturous reception.

They proved to be the most popular act at the event, which featured a bill including the likes of former Kinks frontman Ray Davies, Asian Dub Foundation, Ian Brown, Sash!, Bellatrix, Emiliana Torrini, Kent, Silt, Gus Gus, Luke Slater, Darren Emerson, Chumbawamba and a host of Icelandic bands.

While The Bloodhound Gang won the ‘best band’ vote from the mostly massively inebriated crowd with their goofball rock-rap pantomime, the second biggest success at the event were Asian Dub Foundation who played a blistering set the night before at the festival’s other huge venue the Skautaholl, also in the city’s beautiful Laugadalur Park.

As well as the festival venue’s zoo and open-air swimming pool heated by the island’s volcanic geothermal springs, the 8,000 festival goers per day also enjoyed the country’s first ever outside liquor licence, although beer was still not allowed inside the venues and was supposedly restricted to the beer tent only.

This only encouraged them to smuggle vodka or local spirit brennevin into the venue, or to just down all drinks outside the venues at supreme speed before go to see a band.

Coupled with the never-ending daylight, the fact that events started at 4pm and didn’t finish ’til at least 12 hours later (after which most festival goers headed into the city to go clubbing), the festival soon won the prestigious and coveted title of ‘Most Booze Sodden Festival That Has Ever Seen’. The maddest crowds, the most naked bungee-jumpers, the most snogging at the back of the concert hall, the most fights, the youngest punks, the craziest rules – you name it.


Hats off to Iceland and the Reykavik Music Festival and long may it run!

Come back to tomorrow for a run down on the other bands that checked out at the weirdest yet most entertaining festival in the world, including the marvellous XRottweilerhundar and Silt. Plus an exclusive interview with Sigur Ros – the horse. Really.

We also bagged exclusive chats with Ray Davies, Chandrasonic from Asian Dub Foundation, ex-Underworld maestro Darren Emerson, Jimmy Pop and Lupus from the Bloodhound Gang and the Germanic dance uber lord that is Sash!. Oh yes. Find out whether he prefers Blur or Oasis and if, in fact, he even knows who they are. All interviews will be posted up here over the next few days. – reaches the parts that other websites don’t reach, with help from Iceland Air andBest Est. Many thanks guys.

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