The controversial group are accused of encouraging a fan to break the law...

THE BLOODHOUND GANG have caused controversy after allegedly breaking the law at their show in Los Angeles.

According to an eyewitness, the group’s stunts included encouraging audience members to throw up, drenching fans with a water gun, and pouring milk down one fan’s trousers. DJ Q Ball also mooned the audience at the show on Tuesday night (23 May) as frontman Jimmy Pop took and tossed to the audience polaroids of Q-Ball‘s frontside. It was the actions of a fan, however, that violated the California Penal Code for lewd conduct. With the encouragement of Pop, the fan was threatened with ejection from the concert, after giving the band the finger, unless he dropped his trousers and revealed himself to the packed house. The band then gave him half a T-shirt for adhering to the request.

Bloodhound Gang also used their performance to take a swing at Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, who they dressed up and parodied during the encore of ‘The Bad Touch’.

This current round of controversy is just one in a string of headlines the band has generated of late. ‘The Bad Touch’ video sparked controversy by many who felt certain scenes depicted were homophobic, and just this month members of various campus organisations at the University of Maryland protested at one of the band’s shows over the song ‘Yellow Fever’, which they found deflammatory.

Bloodhound Gang completed their headlining tour of America on Wednesday night in San Francisco, but will continue performing at various Radio Station-led festivals over the next month.