Jimmy Pop answers accusations of homophobia by penning the piece for 'Homosex'...

Bloodhound Gang frontman JIMMY POP has answered accusations that the band are homophobic by writing an article for gay porn magazine ‘Homosex’.

Gang bassist ‘Evil Jared’ has also tentatively agreed to star in a full frontal photo spread for the mag.

The unlikely coupling came a month ago when Pop was being interviewed for gay men’s magazine ‘Boyz’. He saw a copy of ‘Homosex’ – distributed free in gay bars in London, thought it was hilarious and begged to be allowed to write something for inclusion. It was also Pop who suggested the reputedly well-endowed Jared should pose.


The Bloodhound Gang singer submitted two articles. One deals with an instance he found blood in his sperm and had to have a rectal examination, while the second concentrates on the size of Pop‘s penis and his penchant for heterosexual anal sex. It is the second that is in this month’s ‘Homosex’. Both are amusing with Pop‘s tongue firmly in his cheek.

‘Homosex’ editor Eric James told nme.com that Pop was very excited at the thought of writing the article.

James said: “He thought ‘Homosex’ was really funny and said that if all this goes down the drain and he ended up back working in McDonalds then we could give him a regular job.”

James described ‘Homosex’ as being “as hard as you are allowed to go – a proper sex mag”.

Of the accusations of homophobia relating to a scene in the video for BHG‘s current single ‘The Bad Touch’ where two seemingly gay Frenchmen are hit by baguette wielding monkeys, Pop told James: “If you’ve got a sense of humour at all you won’t be offended. I keep tell people they weren’t gay men, they were FRENCH men. Some French guys have an air about them and are a little like American queens. It was just a joke.”

Pop said that he certainly wasn’t homophobic and while in LA liked to cruise the gay bars in Santa Monica.


It is still unclear at the moment whether Pop will write any more articles for ‘Homosex’ or when ‘Evil Jared’s’ photos will appear. We’ll keep you posted.