The controversial group plan to team up with boy band 'N Sync...

Bloodhound Gang and multi-million selling pop sensations ‘N SYNC are set to come together in one of the least likely collaborations of the year.

Jimmy Pop, Bloodhound Gang lead singer, revealed that the two met at a recent Bloodhound Gang show after ‘N Sync had approached his band as fans.

Pop revealed to American website that he had already considered how the collaboration would work, but refused to give away any details.


“I don’t want to give it out,” he said, “because I told Joey the idea and he seemed to really like it and it’s kind of sick… It won’t put them in a bad light and it won’t put us in a good light so it should work out.”

Pop revealed he had quite an admiration for the five-piece, seeing them at a level above many of their boy band peers.

‘N Sync put themselves together. They made the calls and everything and in a way they have control over what they do and they understand their market. I don’t really see a band like the Backstreet Boys, even though they seem the same, to have that ability.”

There is no indication whether the track will appear on subsequent Bloodhound Gang or ‘N Sync material.

The news seems sure to annoy Beck. Music website reports the star taking a swipe at Britney Spears and ‘N Sync, accusing them of sending music “down the drain”.

The Bloodhound Gang’s controversial ‘The Bad Touch’ single remains in the UK top ten three weeks after its release.