DJ Q-Ball is also planning to work with the rap star's bitter enemies Insane Clown Posse...

Bloodhound Gang‘s DJ Q-BALL is to collaborate with Eminem – and possibly fellow DETROIT rappers INSANE CLOWN POSSE – on a forthcoming solo album.

Speaking in the current issue of Kerrang!, Q-Ball revealed his plans for a solo record. Talking about his collaboration with Eminem and ICP – who have been avowed rivals in the past after a spat with ended with Eminem facing alleged firearms charges – he said: “Those guys get the exact same criticisms levelled at them as we do from the very same people. I’ve been into Insane Clown Posse since the early days and I’ve been in the studio while they’ve been working on their new record. Working with Eminem is great, because we’re on the same wavelength.”

Q-Ball claims that the tracks are as-yet-untitled, but are “coming along nicely” – with a release date not expected until at least next year.

He also said he’d like to get fresh-faced boy-band *N Sync in to work on the Gang‘s next album.

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