After four years away, the puerile popsters return...

Bloodhound Gang are back after a four year absence.

The shock rockers created havoc on their last round of UK dates when they challenged members of the audience to drink two litres of milk and a eat a pound of butter, ‘Jackass’-style.

Now, in advance of a new album next year, they’re returning to give the UK another lesson in bad taste.

Meanwhile, the band also find themselves back in the spotlight following the use of their 1996 song ‘Fire Water Burn’ in controversial scenes from Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Farenheit 9/11’ in which US troops sing the chorus “Burn motherf*****, burn”.

The band have waived any fee for use of the track and come out in opposition to George W Bush, saying on their official website: “Anyone that pisses people off while making people laugh is okay in our book. Our president is a clown, so Michael Moore invited the whole world to laugh at him. We’re proud to be a part of that.”

The band play the following dates next month:

London Astoria (August 16)

Glasgow Garage (17)

Manchester Academy 2 (18)

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