And the follow-up to 'Hooray For Boobies' is apparently all about sex...

THE BLOODHOUND GANG have written six songs for the follow-up to last year’s ‘HOORAY FOR BOOBIES’ album, which will be released on INTERSCOPE before the end of the year.

Speaking to from his home studio in Philadelphia, where the band will record their fourth album, frontman Jimmy Pop also revealed that they plan to tour next year.

And he also claimed that *NSYNC will be making a guest appearance on the record.


He added: “We went down to their show here in Philadelphia last week. They’re just really cool guys. I would rather spend time with those guys than most of the bands out there just because they are so down to earth.”

Claiming that they had one song called ‘Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo’ lined up, he said the album is as yet untitled.

He said: “Everyone used ‘Millennium’ and that didn’t leave us with much. Robbie [Williams] and the Backstreet Boys used it, and ‘Chocolate Starfish’ was taken. There’s nothing left. We’ll have to think of something.”

Pop also added that the band’s puerile lyrical sex-obsession will continue unabated: “It seems as I get older and older, it’s more about sex. Before, we put on whatever we thought was funny, whether it be making fun of ourselves or others. As time goes on, it seems to be less and less about that and more about sex.”