The group are looking for 35 devotees because they need their permission before they can release a new video...

Bloodhound Gang are attempting to track down 35 fans who appear in their ‘home’ video ‘ONE FIERCE BEER RUN’ – because they need their consent before they can release it.

Still photos of those who have yet to be contacted are posted on the group’s website at Cash and/or prizes are being offered to both the

finders and the findees. Signed

forms need to be received from each of the 35 people who need to be tracked down.

The video, filmed on the band’s 1997 world tour,

reportedly features graphic images of female-on-female sexual exploits

and drunken debauchery, and band altercations which frequently

end in fisticuffs.

Frontman Jimmy Pop said of the video, “People are

the same all around the world. They want to drink, get laid, and do stupid