Lupus Thunder is apprehended after a girl in the audience is allegedly injured...

BLOODHOUND GANG guitarist LUPUS THUNDER was arrested after a gig in MADISON, WISCONSIN last week, following an incident in which a girl in the audience was allegedly injured, according to reports on the band’s official messageboard.

In a post on the Interscope records bulletin board, Lupus said he was unable to say much about the incident, as he has yet to appear in Court, but claimed that he had been “punched in the nuts” while playing onstage during the band’s set at the Barrymore Theatre on Wednesday (November 15), and “swung”.

He discovered later that a girl had been hurt during the show. “The cops came, took my statement and arrested me. I was bailed out a few hours later. I now have to appear in court for the charge and will be doing so.”


He added: “I apologise to anyone who this has upset, because they think I’m ‘bad’ or ‘mean’ or anything like that – there is nothing more I can do to defend my position on it, other than my court date. I will not be saying more on this topic, so this is where I stand.”

The band have yet to make official comment.

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