Blossoms: ‘Our album sounds like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Phil Collins’

Stockport band speak exclusively to NME in this week's magazine

Blossoms have revealed that parts of their debut album sound like Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Phil Collins.

The band release their self-titled LP tomorrow (August 5) which was recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios, with production duties shared between Rich Turvey and The Coral’s frontman James Skelly.

Despite, Skelly’s psychedelic approach to his own band, he was adamant the Stockport fivepiece should push for a polished pop sound.


Speaking in this week’s free NME, which is nationwide on Friday (August 5), frontman Tom Ogden said: “I thought it might be too far down that road. But James had said, ‘You need a tune that sounds like Taylor Swift could sing it’, so we showed him [‘Honey Sweet’] it and he went, ‘That’s boss.’ Soon as he heard us, he was like, ‘You aren’t an underground little psych-y band – you should be all over the radio.’ And we were like, ‘Yeah!’”


Ogden described another new song, ‘Smashed Pianos’, as “Lana Del Rey meets Phil Collins” adding: “It’s about tunes you can get up and dance to, tunes you’d have on at a wedding. I used to work in a hotel and I used to work countless weddings there. I think that’s subconsciously gone in.”

The singer also recounted the time Johnny Marr bumped into them in the Arndale Centre [in Manchester] and told them he loved “that great pop record” (‘Charlemagne’).

The band recently supported The Stone Roses at their Etihad Stadium shows in Manchester. Ogden previously told NME: “Being on stage was surreal. Part of me couldn’t wait for it to finish so that we could get off and see the Roses.”

Blossoms were first told they could support the Roses last December at the birthday party of both bands’ manager, Conrad Murray.

Ogden said: ”Ian Brown came up, tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘Hi, I’m Ian.’ When I told him who I was, Ian said ‘I know who you are, that’s why I’m talking to you’ and that he loved our song ‘Charlemagne’. Then he said the Roses were playing the Etihad and that it’d be 50,000 people having it. He said: ‘We want you lads on it.’ I just thought ‘Fucking hell.’”