Blossoms: ‘Supporting The Stone Roses was surreal’

Band recall throwing up watching the Roses four years ago

Blossoms have said supporting The Stone Roses last night was “surreal”.

The band were the opening act at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium on a bill also featuring Chronixx and Public Enemy.

Singer Tom Ogden told NME after their show: “Being on stage was surreal. Part of me couldn’t wait for it to finish so that we could get off and see the Roses.”


Etihad Stadium is Manchester City’s ground and drummer Joe Donovan added: “We’re Manchester City fans. I saw Sergio Aguero’s goal that won us the Premier League here. For us to be playing at City’s ground, that’s special.”

Blossoms were first told they could support the Roses last December at the birthday party of both bands’ manager, Conrad Murray.

Ogden said: ”Ian Brown came up, tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘Hi, I’m Ian.’ When I told him who I was, Ian said ‘I know who you are, that’s why I’m talking to you’ and that he loved our song ‘Charlemagne’. Then he said the Roses were playing the Etihad and that it’d be 50,000 people having it. He said: ‘We want you lads on it.’ I just thought ‘Fucking hell.’”

Since then, Blossoms bassist Charlie Salt has met Roses bassist Mani. Donovan said: “Mani told Charlie: ‘You’re a suave band. Stay suave.’”

Blossoms, who release their self-titled debut album on August 5, watched The Stone Roses’ 2012 comeback show at Heaton Park. Ogden said: “I was sick. I threw up on Joe’s hands. At no point during that show did I think ‘Yeah, we’ll play with The Stone Roses one day.’ But that makes it all the more special that we have.”

Ogden said he thought Blossoms’ set went down well with the crowd, commenting: “The crowd seemed into it. There were a couple of songs like ‘Charlemagne’ where you could tell people liked the song but didn’t know it was us who’d sung it. That’s what support shows are all about.”


Naming Oasis, Abba and Noel Gallagher as their remaining dream support slots, Donovan said Blossoms hope to headline Etihad one day. He said: “We’re not one of those bands who are shy about being ambitious. I think our songs have that swagger and the hooks that could get us to stadiums eventually.”


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