Blossoms already have 15 songs written for their second album

Singer Tom Ogden tells NME ‘I haven’t stopped writing songs since I was 15’

Blossoms have already got 15 songs written for their second album.

The band are at No 1 with their self-titled debut. Although the album was only released a fortnight ago, singer Tom Ogden told NME he has carried on writing songs as contenders for the band’s next record.

Ogden said he was determined to carry on writing as soon as Blossoms finished recording their first record.


The singer said: “I carried on writing after ‘Getaway’ and ‘Honey Sweet’, even though we had the album done, as I was in quite a creative flow. I’m always writing when I can, so we’ve got about 15 tunes. It’s important to stay on the front foot for songwriting, so you’ve got stuff spare if you get stuck.”

He continued: “At least eight or nine of those 15 songs are worthy of going on the next album, but I’d want to have 30 or more songs to choose from when we come to really working on the next record. Sometimes you don’t know how good a song is until everyone else contributes their parts. A song like ‘At Most A Kiss’ didn’t work great when it was just me and a keyboard.”

Blossoms have released an album’s worth of material across the B-sides of their EPs, and Ogden said: “If you’re not giving people constant music, they’ll get bored. Doing the EPs gave us time to concentrate on getting the album right. If we’d released our album a year ago, it wouldn’t have had the same impact as it has now.

“Some of our favourite bands have quality B-sides, and if we released a B-sides album it’d stand up next to other people’s proper albums.”


Ogden insisted he wasn’t worried about running out of songs after releasing so many already. He said: “I’ve written songs since I was 15 and I haven’t stopped. There’s times when you don’t write so much, but so long as there’s a flow and I keep experiencing new things, the idea of running dry doesn’t worry me so much.”

Blossoms are neck-and-neck with ELO to remain No 1 album this week, and have just announced a winter tour. Tickets go on sale at 9am tomorrow (August 19).

Blossoms will play:
Leicester O2 Academy (November 30)
Hull University (December 1)
Manchester Albert Hall (2-3)
Edinburgh Potterrow (5)
Aberdeen Garage (6)
Middlesbrough Empire (7)
Oxford O2 Academy (11)
Shepherds Bush O2 Empire (13)
Bournemouth Old Fire Station (14)