Blossoms have finished recording their third album

The follow-up to 2018's 'Cool Like You' will be more "band-y"

Blossoms have confirmed that they have finishing recording their upcoming third album, revealing that the record will be sound more “band-y” with a return to a more guitar-driven sound.

The Stockport band will soon follow up their April 2018 album ‘Cool Like You’, their second LP after their self-titled 2016 debut, with the new record.

Frontman Tom Ogden disclosed that recording had finished on the as-yet-untitled album, and the band now hope to release it in the near future.


“We have just finished recording and hopefully it will be out over the next few months,” Ogden told The Daily Star, before going on to describe the sound of the new record.

Blossoms at Reading Festival 2019

”It doesn’t sound like the other two [albums],” he said. “The second one was synth-heavy and this one is more real again. You know, ‘band-y’, with a few more guitars, a bit of piano sprinkled over it and there’s a lot of live precision.”

Blossoms have already released the single ‘Your Girlfriend’ this year, which was accompanied by the B-side ‘Torn Up’.

The band will headline Goose Island’s Hop Party in London this Saturday (September 7), with support from Shame and Mystery Jets.