Blossoms launch helpline for fans fearing band break-up

"We have paid therapeutic professionals dealing with this fall out"

Blossoms have launched a helpline for fans “feeling confused” amid apparent tension within the group.

There has been some speculation that the band could split following a heated Twitter exchange between frontman Tom Ogden and drummer Joe Donovan last week.

Now the band’s label Virgin EMI has tweeted: “Have recent rumoured fractures in @BlossomsBand left you feeling confused? Helpless? We’re here for you. Call the free helpline now: 0808-2812-482”.


When you dial the helpline, guitarist Josh Dewhurst can be heard saying: “We have paid therapeutic professionals dealing with this fall out, one of them has been on This Morning twice.”

He then adds: “I just wanted to reassure you that it’s not over yet and I’m 50 percent sure that it’ll be fine”.

The band addressed rumours of inner band tension on the red carpet at last week’s VO5 NME Awards 2018.

“It’s just one of them, isn’t it?” Ogden told NME of their row. “When you spend hours and hours with someone on tour and every time someone has a drink, he fucking goes ‘ahhh, every single fucking time’. Do you know what I mean? When someone does that all the time, and they don’t stop doing it, it’s going to grind on you – isn’t it? Especially when you’ve known someone 12 years.

“He makes a clicking noise when he speaks as well, but I had to tell the manager to get him to stop doing that.”


In his own defence, Donovan replied: “It is one of them, isn’t it? When your best mate is from Stockport starts saying he’s from Cheshire, it just kind of changes things a little bit. He’s got these little nicknames as well. There was one of the other day, he called me ‘Wingo’. I think he was referring to Ringo Starr and how when I play drums my arms flap about a bit. Just little stuff like that, does my head in a little bit.”

Asked if the next step would be separate dressing rooms, Ogden replied: “Not separate dressing rooms yet, we’ve not had a dressing room for a while. We’ve just got a lot we fucking need to sort out.”