Blossoms tell us about the Gallaghers and their new album (while constantly fighting)

"We've just got a lot we fucking need to sort out"

Blossoms have revealed that work is almost complete on their anticipated second album – that’s if they even make it that far due to a feud within the band. Listen to our interview with the band above.

The band speaking on the red carpet of the VO5 NME Awards 2018, where they discussed their next album.

Having previously been described as a ‘classic‘ in the making (with a influences including New Order and Kylie Minogue) Ogden told NME: “It’s almost done, do you know what I mean? We’ve got to put the final finishing touches on it but it’s the best thing we’ve done as a band yet without yet.”


However, the gathering tension and friction between Ogden and drummer Joe Donovan was visible. The pair even said that they travelled to the awards in separate vehicles following an ongoing Twitter spat:



“It’s just one of them, isn’t it?” Ogden told NME of their row. “When you spend hours and hours with someone on tour and every time someone has a drink, he fucking goes ‘ahhh, every single fucking time’. Do you know what I mean? When someone does that all the time, and they don’t stop doing it, it’s going to grind on you – isn’t it? Especially when you’ve known someone 12 years.

“He makes a clicking noise when he speaks as well, but I had to tell the manager to get him to stop doing that.”

In his own defence, Donovan replied: “It is one of them, isn’t it? When your best mate is from Stockport starts saying he’s from Cheshire, it just kind of changes things a little bit. He’s got these little nicknames as well. There was one of the other day, he called me ‘Wingo’. I think he was referring to Ringo Starr and how when I play drums my arms flap about a bit. Just little stuff like that, does my head in a little bit.”

Asked if the next step would be separate dressing rooms, Ogden replied: “Not separate dressing rooms yet, we’ve not had a dressing room for a while. We’ve just got a lot we fucking need to sort out.”

Blossoms, NME Awards 2018

However it’s not all bad news – the last year has seen the band touring and meeting their Oasis heroes, the Gallagher brothers. Liam went as far to ask them to write a song for him, while Noel was accommodating to their request to ‘lick his face‘.

“[Noel] was so sound with us,” said Donovan. “He was dead inviting, always like ‘come in the dressing room, come and have a drink with us’. He’s what you expect your hero to be. They see don’t meet your heroes, but after meeting Noel and Liam too, I’d say definitely meet your heroes. ”

Blossoms meanwhile, have a stacked summer of touring ahead – including shows at Bearded Theory, The Neighbourhood Weekend, All Points East Presents, TRNSMT and Tramlines.