Blossoms talk ‘special plans’ for Castlefield Bowl show and progress on their ’80s new album

"There's a song that sounds a bit like The Cure doing The Style Council"

Blossoms have revealed that they have ‘special plans’ for their huge show at Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl this weekend – and that they have eight new songs finished for their second album. Watch our video interview with the band above.

The band were speaking to NME backstage at Nos Alive in Lisbon ahead of their 81st show of the year – but revealed that their minds were set on the biggest gig of their career at Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl.

“It’s our biggest ever headline gig,” frontman Tom Ogden told NME. “Our phone’s haven’t stopped going for guest list. We’re buzzing. We’ve been rehearsing this week. We want to do some special things for it because it’s such a big gig. We’re very, very excited. This is kind of a warm-up. Our head is at Castlefield. We’ve got a few little things planned – something a bit different.”



After a heavy summer of touring and festivals, the band will be turning their attention to their hotly-anticipated second album – and they’re already making great progress.

“We’ve recorded eight songs for the second album already,” Ogden continued. “We’ve done them over the last two months, just in between gigs. We went into Liverpool again with James Skelly and Rich Turvey who we did the first album with and just went at it. We just kept recording the songs I’ve written over the last year or so.

“I only write tunes that could be a single. There’s deffo four that could be singles. [They’re sounding] kind of the same [as the first album] but kind of an extension of it. We want to change certain things, strip things back in certain places, it’s like the natural evolution of a band.”

He added: “There’s a song called ‘I Can’t Stand It’ which sounds a bit like The Cure doing The Style Council – like a big ’80s pop tune, but us doing it. It’s a mad concoction.”

Speaking to NME back in February about the next record, Blossons revealed that it had a “Kylie Minogue meets New Order sound”.

Blossoms headline Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl on Saturday July 8.