Blossoms are writing a TV show and The Monkees and Noel Gallagher could be involved

They're in talks with Netflix to stream the show

Blossoms are writing their own TV show, and The Monkees and Noel Gallagher could be involved.

The Stockport five-piece released their second album ‘Cool Like You‘ this week (April 27). In a four-star review, NME wrote: “Like an early greatest hits, ‘Cool Like You’ is overflowing with singles. None are greater than the new-wave Blondie stomp of ‘Lying Again’, or the high-speed chase of ‘I Just Imagined You’, which ought to open either their sets of their encores for the foreseeable future.” 

Speaking to the Daily Star, the band revealed their plans to create their own comedy series based on their experiences as a band. They are writing the show with The Royle Family creator Craig Cash and writer Phil Mealey.


“We’d been approached by a few people to write a script about being in a band, but it was all posh comedians who pretend to be rock and roll by lying about being expelled from boarding school,” drummer Joe Donovan said. “Meeting Craig and Phil, it’s the perfect Northern alliance.”

Frontman Tom Ogden added that the band were fans of the pair’s pub sitcom Early Doors, which was set in Blossoms’ hometown of Stockport. “Our comedy is going be like The Monkees meets The Royle Family,” he said, adding that they are in talks with Netflix and that the show would be “the first Netflix show set in Stockport if it comes off.”

The Monkees, who had their own hit sitcom in the ’60s, could be more involved in the show beyond just being an influence on it. “My uncle got The Monkees’ singer [and drummer] Mickey Dolenz’s number as he knows them from when they used to drink in Manchester,” bassist Charlie Salt said. “We told Mickey, ‘We’re the new Monkees!’ and now he’s up for producing our show.”

He added: “Oasis did the theme for The Royle Family. When we said we knew Noel, Mickey said it’d be great if we all got together to write the theme for our show.”

Blossoms made their own short film earlier this year, in which they claimed that each member had gone off to pursue their own individual passions after the success of their 2016 debut.


Meanwhile, Blossoms recently discussed which of their musical heroes have left them starstruck, citing Alex Turner and Liam and Noel Gallagher. Of Turner, Donovan said: “There’s no way [he’s] a normal human. He’s like an alien. Everything he does is perfect.”